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Didzis Ošis

NIRCal is a powerful chemometric software package to develop robust NIR methods which lead to fast and reliable NIR prediction results.

Tailored to your need

  • Achieve the most appropriate calibration from a broad range of chemometric methods (PLS, PCR, MLR, SIMCA and cluster analysis).
  • Flexible pretreatment of spectral information leads to better prediction models.
  • Allows the integration of existing NIR data from any vendor.

Easy and powerful

  • Shorter method development time due to patented automation “Calibration Wizard”.
  • Time savings through rapid calculation of large data sets.
  • Shared database allows decentralized application of calibration.

Reliable results

  • Better understanding due to interactive graphical visualization of data.
  • Reliable prediction results thanks to multiple criteria for outlier detection.
  • Ingenious validation tools and detailed calibration protocols.