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Aquamatic AM 5200 

The Aquamatic 5200 is Perten’s second-generation high frequency moisture meter. Perten have designed a high quality moisture meter improved in every aspect – accuracy, repeatability, reliability, and user interface. It can be a stand-alone moisture meter for use at terminals or can be integrated into automated testing systems. It can analyze grains, oilseeds, pulses, beans, lentils, seeds and more for moisture, Test Weight/Hectoliter Weight, and temperature.

Features and benefits

Superior accuracy - Save money by paying the right price for the grain you buy 

Moisture and Specific Weight - Save time with one instrument for two measurements

10-second analysis - Save time and costs

Touch screen operation - Easier to use with fewer mistakes


Products: Grains, oilseeds, pulses, lentils and more

Parameters: Moisture, specific weight (hectoliter weight/test weight) and temperature

Analysis Time: ~ 10 seconds

Display: 5.7” color touch screen

Connectivity: Ethernet, USB

Measurement Technique: RF dielectric constant at 150 Mhz

Sample Temperature: -20 to 45° C / -4 to 113 F (moisture <18%); 0 to 45° C / 32 to 113 F (moisture >18%)

Sample Size: 700 ml