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The most modern and accurate grain analyzer available

Perten Instruments is the number one company in grain quality testing and has produced Near Infrared grain analyzers for 30 years. The Inframatic 9500 is the latest Inframatic model, and offers the best accuracy available. It is reliable, robust, and built to meet the requirements of grain handling operations. It analyzes a wide range of grains and oilseeds for moisture, protein, oil and many other parameters in less than 30 seconds.


Products: Wheat, Wheat flour, Barley, Corn, Soybeans and many other grains, oilseeds, and flours

Parameters: Moisture, Protein, Oil, Hectoliter weight/Test Weight (optional), Starch, Wet Gluten, Fiber, Ash (flour), and many others

Analysis time: ~25 s without HLW/TW

Sample size: 400 ml (600 ml with specific weight module HLW/TW)

Subsamples: Up to 20 per sample.

Analysis principle: Scanning grating, Transmittance

Wavelength range: 570-1100 nm

Regression options: PLS (Partial Least Squares), ANN (Artificial Neural Networks), HR (Honigs Regression), Classification

Size (W x D x H): 485 x 390 x 370 mm (485 x 390 x 510 mm with HLW/TW)

Weight: 34 kg (40 kg with HLW/TW)

Interfaces: Ethernet, 4 USB ports

Display: 12” LCD color touch screen

Protection: Dust and humidity protected