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BlueLine electrodes

The BlueLine family includes robust electrodes with gel electrolyte and plastic shaft for general use, liquid-electrolyte sensors for more critical measurements and special sensors. These special electrodes range includes pH electrode for surface measurements, for small sample amounts, for ultrapure water and emulsions or measurements in semi-solid samples (insert measurements).

ScienceLine electrodes

In research and development, manufacturing and quality control, ScienceLine electrodes have become standard for the most demanding measurement tasks. Each electrode has an individual serial number and pH- and metal combination electrodes are supplied with a quality certificate.

ScienceLine electrodes ensure high measurement accuracy and stability and long service life, but are highly adaptable to your measurement tasks. We can offer you a range of electrodes with unmatched versatility and quality.

TopLine electrodes

TopLine electrodes were developed for a wide range of applications in the lab, field and processing of wastewater via emulsions, solutions with proteins, suspensions all the way to purely aqueous samples. This is achieved by the special mechanical and chemical resistance of the peek shaft as well as the proven process components of the measuring and reference electrode.

Most precise measurements thanks to proven process membrane glasses and reference system.