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Nano Spray Dryer B-90 HP

Nuoroda į produkto svetainę

Gently processing of the smallest sample amounts into submicron particles with little loss are the key features characterizing the Nano Spray Dryer B-90 HP. The 2nd generation instrument offers enhanced productivity and a better handling. It enables applications in the pharmaceutical industry, in life- and material sciences – whenever small particles make the difference.


  • Controlled and safe production of small particles (0.2-5 µm).
  • Increase of surface contact area by reducing particle size.
  • Preservation of molecular activity due to gentle process conditions.


  • 2nd generation spray head for optimized productivity and handling.
  • Patented airflow system for gentle solvent evaporation and high recoveries.
  • Auto-Stop mode avoids the machine to run empty.


  • Process very small volumes (< 2 mL) of sample quickly.
  • Low product loss due to efficient particle recovery.
  • Easily accessible application database and support.

Patented heater module: The Heater Module produce a laminar stream of drying gas and provides an even heat distribution.

User-friendly spray head: The spray head was designed to spray dry small samples (< 2 mL) and to be easy to assemble and to clean.

Efficient collecting electrode: The 17‘000 V tension applied to the collecting electrode allows the efficient recovery (up to 90%) of smallest particles.

Innovative nebulizers: Nebulizers in the sizes small, medium and large allow the finding of the perfect balance between small particles and high throughput (up to 200 mL/h).

Inert Loop B-295: Condenses organic solvents out of the stream of drying gas. For safe and clean handling of organic solvent based samples in closed loop.

Dehumidifier B-296 Nano: For the removal of humidity from the drying gas in open and closed loop mode.