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Urea determination

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Measurement of milk urea or MUN.

ChemSpec 150

The ChemSpec 150 has been specifically designed for the determination of urea (or MUN) in milk. Accurate, compact, fast & reliable, the ChemSpec 150 is the system of choice for milk urea analysis.

  • Fully automated & compact
  • Capable of analyzing over 150 samples per hour
  • Very low cost per sample
  • Touchscreen operation
  • Enzymatic methodology
  • Colorimetric Measuring Principle

The ChemSpec 150 utilizes a modified Berthelot reaction to determine the level of urea in milk.

  • A small amount of milk is automatically dispensed in a well thermostated at 40°C. It is then split enzymatically with urease into ammonia and carbon dioxide.
  • After an incubation time, dye and activator solutions are added to form a green complex. The color intensity is proportional to the ammonia concentration which is directly proportional to the urea content in the milk.
  • The green color intensity is measured spectrophotometrically in a trans-reflectance cell.
  • The addition of a catalyst in the dye speeds up the reaction, intensifying the green color development, thus enhancing the sensitivity of the method.
  • A carousel incubator allows analysis overlap, yielding a capacity of 150 samples per hour.