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BÜCHI Labortechnik AG buys Flash Chromatography and ELSD Product Lines from Grace

BÜCHI Labortechnik AG has entered into an agreement to buy the flash chromatography and ELSD product lines from Grace Discovery Sciences. The transaction has been approved by the board of directors of Grace and BUCHI and was closed with immediate effect.

As such, the Reveleris® Flash Chromatography Systems, GraceResolv™ and Alltech® ELSD 3300 brands of products will now be offered globally by BUCHI.

With Grace, a trusted manufacturer of chromatography resins for over 80 year, we found a partner that shares our values and innovation, customer service, and development of highest quality products. The agreement enables us to offer our chromatography customers a proven solution meeting the high expectations of our customers.  

Furthermore, the acquisition fits perfectly into the strategy of the BUCHI Group and meets the high criteria we have defined for such transactions. We do see tremendous potential in the market for chromatography and we are convinced that this settlement will provide an optimal platform. It underlines BUCHI’s approach to invest into preparative chromatography to complete our portfolio for drug discovery and development.

Reveleris® Flash Chromatography system, GraceResolv™ and Alltech® ELSD 3300 brands of products are developed and produced in Deerfield/IL. The site will be retained and 20 employees of Grace will be acquired by BUCHI to become an integral part of our worldwide operating group. We look forward to welcoming them soon.


BUCHI’s new Flash Chromatography and ELSD Product Lines from Grace

Reveleris® PREP Purification System

The Reveleris® PREP purification system is a powerful, high-performance system that combines flash chromatography and preparative LC capabilities in a single intuitive instrument. The advanced dual-mode system serves the needs of both organic chemists and preparative LC chromatographers, to streamline purification processes.


Reveleris® X2

The patented RevealX™ detection technology combines multiple detector signals to optimize the timing of fraction collection. It synchronizes the signals from up to four different detectors, including ELSD, optimizing the number of fractions and ensuring maximum purity. The integrated detector signals and advanced signal processing recognize peaks and collect previously undetected compounds.


Alltech® 3300 ELSD

We offer most expertised designing and manufacturing ELSDs. Alltech® ELSDs simplify analysis of difficult compounds such as pharmaceuticals, impurities, fatty acids and polymer and more.


Reveleris® Flash Cartridges

BUCHI’s flash cartridges (Reveleris®) are available in silica and multiple bonded phase chemistries. Our flash cartridges are packed with silica specially designed to increase cartridge efficiency and resolution of closely eluting compounds, and in some cases offering twice the resolving power of typical competitor packings.


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