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What is the most important for you when deciding about supplier of laboratory products?

product quality
product assortment
delivery terms
profesional qualification
reputation of the supplier
previous cooperation

Service terms

1. Service application.

The client or its representing person applies for our service by filling in the Service application form (hereinafter – the Application) either electronically (here on company website) or in paper form and delivers it to one of Domagroup company’s (hereinafter – the Company) offices in person, sends by fax or hands over to our service engineer. The applicant provides information on the equipment (name, model, serial No, year of manufacture, guarantee, etc.), the actual condition of the equipment, possible defects or their indications, as well as contact information. Applying for the service during equipment’s warranty period, applicant should provide warranty certificate No. With filling and sending the e-form of the Application or signing the Application paper form, client confirms acceptance of all required types of services (see Application form), those service terms and exchange of any spare-part or use of any material that we consider reasonable during the required service. Representative of the Company within 48 hours after receipt of the Application will contact you and agree on mutually acceptable visit time. For clients having signed Service contract with the Company, routine maintenance is performed according to maintenance schedule agreed in contract. Exact time of the visit should be agreed by both sides at least 48 hours prior to the visit.
If the place where of service is Company’s office, representative of the Company prepares the Certificate of acceptance drawn in duplicate for both sides involved, where all necessary client’s data and Equipment data (including set description) are shown. The Company remains fully responsible for the client's property while service is being carried out.
Handing over the equipment to the representative of Company client should ensure that equipment is equipped with all accessories and tools necessary for service, including power cables and supplies, connection cables etc. Detailed description of the equipment set has to be indicated in the certificate of acceptance.
If the place of service is client’s premises, client covers all travel expenses of the Company’s service engineer from the Company’s office to the client’s premises according to Company’s Service tariffs.
Upon receipt of the equipment and/or diagnostics, Company’s service engineer evaluates the expected service and informs client’s representative about expected scope of work, required service time and expected costs including costs for spare-parts.

2. Works.

All type of services and all tools and materials used by service engineers of the Company complies with technological recommendations of equipment manufacturer. If there are defects detected during the service not indicated in the Application, service engineer of the Company shall inform the client’s representative about them (including evaluation of all additional costs) and those defects will be repaired only with approval of the client.
If the client declines the reparation of those additional defects, the Company is not undertaking responsibility for normal functionality of the equipment in future.
If necessary, the equipment can be sent for repair or calibration to the equipment’s manufacturer. Company’s service engineer should inform client if repair on manufacturer’s premises is required. The equipment can be sent to manufacturer only with approval of the client.
Company’s Service price list is valid until December 31, 2015.

3. Acceptance of Service works.

Service engineer of the Company informs the client’s representative after finishing of all service works. The list of all works carried out, used spare-parts and materials is written in the final Service acceptance certificate being the basis for the Service Invoice. The Service acceptance certificate is drawn in two copies – one for the client, one for the Company. Both copies should be signed by both sides involved and each side holds one copy.
By signing the Service acceptance certificate client’s representative acknowledges that all service works indicated in the Application is carried out in full and client agrees on payment of the Service Invoice issued by the Company.
If the place of service is Company’s office, the client’s responsibility is to collect the equipment in possibly shortest time upon receipt of notice that all required services are carried out. Otherwise the Company can charge the client with storage fee for each delayed day.
The service engineer of the Company is obliged to inform the client’s representative of any possible defect that might affect the future operation of the equipment, as well as time and scope of the next maintenance.

4. Invoicing.

After the receipt of the Service Invoice the client will make the payment according to the Invoice or according to existing Service contract.
Delayed payments can cause that the Company decline any inquiry for any type of services (either repair or routine maintenance) until payments for all delayed Invoices are received in full.

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