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What is the most important for you when deciding about supplier of laboratory products?

product quality
product assortment
delivery terms
profesional qualification
reputation of the supplier
previous cooperation


1. What is the minimal screen resolution to display Domagroup webpage correctly?

The minimal screen resolution to display Domagroup webpage correctly is 1024x768.

2. What advantages have registered users?

1. Prices of the goods are displayed in the proper currency. User can select one of the currencies in user profile page.
2. Interface and product catalog language will be switched automatically to the language user has selected in user profile page.
3. Has access to more downloadable documents, like User manuals, what are not available for unregistered users.
4. Filling any of available forms will be much easier – you should not fill all required fields every time you fill the form.
5. All future additions to functionality of the web page will be available only for registered users.

3. Does company Doma offer only those products which are included in web catalogue?

Company Doma have in offer laboratory equipment and consumables from more than 50 manufacturers. You can find in web page only part of company offer. We are working to include in web catalogue more porducts and information about them. If you can not find product you need in web page please do not hesitate contact us.

4. What does mean products added as related products?

We offering five types of related products:
• neccessary accesory – goods must be order eith main product. This goods are showed seperatly because of several modifications
• advisable accesory – we advise users to order this goods with main product.
• Optional accesory – ths goods you can use as option to main good
• Spare part – this goods are spare parts for main unit, like spare fuses, belts etc. 
• Consumables - this goods are consumables, like vials

5. What application is required to view equipment specification prepared on Domagroup web site?

Equipment specification is prepared in pdf format, therefore, you need Adobe Reader (at least version 8) or other application that can open pdf files.


6. How the search function works?

When you type your search phrase (several words can be typed) into the search textbox and press the search button, we perform the search both in text section of the webpage and product catalog.
In text section we search for a phrase as it is typed.
In product catalog search is performed as follows:
1. Search phrase is divided into single words.
2. Search against product and model names and Catalog No. is done by single word.
3. In product descriptions we are searching the whole phrase and word order makes no difference.
Tips for a successful search:
1. Use simple word forms without endings, like “Shield” instead of “Shielding”.
2. Use reasonably complex phrases (complexity is determined by number of words in phrase) as this will reduce search time.
3. Too simple phrases, like “volume”, can result in huge quantity of found items.

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