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Bentley instruments


    Bentley Instruments Inc.
4004 Peavey Road
Chaska, MN 55318 USA
Tel:+1 952 448 7600
Fax: +1 952 368 3355

Contact in Latvia: Aldis Strods

Contact in Estonia: Jaanus Vahtra


Bentley Instruments is a manufacturer of analytical instruments for the dairy industry. Bentley Instruments specializes in the development, manufacturing, and worldwide distribution of analytical instruments for milk and milk products. Bentley Instruments is a manufacturer of instruments for counting of somatic cells in milk (Somacount), counting of bacteria in raw milk (Bactocount), quantitively measure component values, including fat, protein, lactose, solids, lactic acid, citric acid, FPD (Bentley MIR) and accurate quantitative analysis of the urea levels in milk (Chemspec).
The Somacount instruments are the foremost in early mastitis detection. The instruments provide a rapid and accurate measure for the SCC (somatic cell count) in dairy milk. The instruments all utilize a laser based flow cytometry. The laser based counting section uses the fluorescence characteristics of the dye to count the cells one by one. Bentley MIR (mid-infrared) analyzers can be combined with the Somacount series instruments to present combination system. Combined the system presents a complete system for the analysis of both components and for somatic cells.

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