Melting point

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Determines the melting point of different types of substances - up to 400 °C.

BUCHI offers solutions to determine your melting and boiling points with high accuracy, visual or automatic determination and optional qualification packages meeting highest regulatory standards.

There are several material constants that can be used to describe a material, for example, its specific gravity, light refraction, adsorption capacity, or chromatographic behavior. The melting point is also one of these constants. Along with the boiling point and the solidification point, it is one of the important thermal characteristics that describe a material. The melting points of many pure materials can be measured with great accuracy.

Pure materials have exactly defined melting points which can be obtained from reference tables. Thus, the identity of a material can be determined by measuring its melting point. One needs only to compare the melting point of the substance as determined in the test with the values in the technical literature.