Plate bearing test set 160 kN

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Standards: DIN 18134; ASTM D 1194; ASTM D 1195; ASTM D 1196; BS 1377

Plate bearing test set 100 kN for the determination of the bearing capacity of soil in situ. Load on the bearing plate is applied by use of a hydraulic jack with counterweight. The settlement are measured with a measuring brigde with gauge holder.

  • Single-gauge measuring beam, made of aluminium tubes with 3 height adjustable support.
  • Bearing plate 300 mm diameter with measuring tunnel.
  • Set of pluggable extension rods, made of light alloy.
  • Upper ball and socket joint.
  • Hydraulic system 100 kN comprising piston, pressure tube 2 m and hand operated pump with pressure gauge range 0 - 290 bar.
  • Dial gauge 30 mm, sensitivity 0,01 mm.


Electronic Load Measuring System 100 kN

  • Direct reading display in MN/m², calculated for Ø 300 and 600 mm plate.
  • The display is installed in a small housing with carrying handle and includes battery operation system.
  • A battery charger 12/24/230 V is included.