Weighing electronics

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Didzis Ošis

Minebea Intec offers a complete range of weighing electronics. Each of the electronics is developed with the user and application in mind. Minebea Intec offering ranges from scale indicators for simple weighing tasks to programmable electronics for the automation of weighing processes.

The term weighing electronics refers to products that evaluate signals from load cells or transmit or display measurement results/weight values from weighing instruments.

Minebea Intec has a broad portfolio of weighing electronics which offer the optimum solution for every application. The range extends from simple weighing transmitters, which reliably process high-precision weight values from silo and hopper scales, to process and weighing indicators, which quickly and accurately display weight values, to weight controllers, which in addition to numerous interfaces and options can also offer the possibility of programming applications yourself.

Weighing electronics are connected either directly or via cable junction boxes to load cells or a weighing platform. In addition, several scales can be connected to one weighing electronics device.