Bart's blog 4th birthday!

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Time flies when you are having fun and four years of writing for “Bart’s Blog” have indeed flown by. From sharing topics on preparative chromatography to freeze-drying to rotary evaporation, we have enjoyed every single minute of this journey with you.

Four years after BÜCHI launched, Bart's Blog has been appreciated by more than 50 000 readers worldwide and has become a respected source for basic theory, tips and applications of methods used in pharmaceutical and chemical R&D.

BÜCHI would like to thank you for your support and continued interest in the content Bart's Blog provides. To mark the occasion of our 4th birthday, we have compiled a list of the 10 most loved posts during the years, just in case you have missed one. 

Stay tuned for the most exciting year of the blog, as BÜCHI dig deeper into favorite topics and explore new horizons. We look forward to many more years of “Bart’s Blog” with you.


Why you should care about column efficiency in chromatography?

To obtain a perfect purification one big factor is column efficiency. Read on to see why.

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How to effectively use organic solvents in lyophilization?

Read on to see how you can incorporate organic solvents in your laboratory freeze drying workflow without damaging your equipment or your sample.

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We need to talk about flow rate and column efficiency in chromatography

In this post, you can see the damaging effects of setting the flow rate too low or too high. You can also gain some insights into how optimized mobile phase velocities can positively influence the resolution of your separation process.

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Three major ways to influence column efficiency in you favor

Topic is about discussing how particle size, column packing and pore size affect column efficiency. Also insights into how you can adjust these parameters to achieve the highest purity of your target compounds.

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The perfect peak shape: Five solutions to peak tailing problems

Read on to find out more about perfectly symmetrical chromatography peaks and five ways to achieve them by avoiding peak tailing.

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How to choose a stationary phase, optimize selectivity and get better resolution in chromatography

This post offers a detailed description of selectivity and how this parameter influences chromatographic separations.

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Silica vs. Alumina ... or in other words "Alien vs. Predator"

The common thing between the phases and the movie is the clear dominance of one of the species.

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How to optimize your mobile phase to improve selectivity and resolution in chromatography

From selectivity triangles to gradient elution, this post is about how you can use the mobile phase to achieve the best possible selectivity and resolution in your separations.

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Why the retention factor needs to be kept in check

Read this post to find out what this retention factor range is and why these values are so golden.

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The "Golden Mean" in Flash Chromatography

Read this article and discover the “golden mean” between productivity and cost in flash chromatography.

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