BÜCHI’s new steam distillation units offer tailor-made solutions

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Didzis Ošis

BÜCHI two new product lines for steam distillation with innovative, modular features provide the highest flexibility in analyte determination. The newly developed instrument is available either as BÜCHI Kjel Line or Dist Line with three different performance levels. The Kjel Line is optimized for Kjeldahl applications for nitrogen and protein determination and provide highest accuracy while saving time and resources. The Dist Line is designed to cover a broad range of steam-volatile analytes offering highest flexibility and convenience.

The new BÜCHI Kjel Line provides the most accurate and reproducible nitrogen and protein determinations thanks to advanced built-in sensor technology. The communication with peripherals such as cooling water valve, tank level sensors, safety door sensors and an innovative level sensor enable outstanding user protection and a new level of efficiency. With environmental safety in mind, BÜCHI has also developed a unique reaction detection sensor, which saves up to 30 % of reagent consumption.

The BÜCHI Dist Line sets new standards in the versatile determination of steam-volatile analytes in samples from the beverages and food industries, as well as from chemical, environmental and testing labs. The systems can determine multiple analytes such as alcohol, sulfite, volatile acids, cyanide, essential oils, phenol index, vicinal diketones, formaldehyde and nitrogen. The instruments enable more multitasking possibilities, faster method development and can be easily upgraded to a tailored solution, fitting to the customers’ individual needs.

Some new instrument features to improve process accuracy and save money:

  • AutoDist function: This function recognizes the start of the condensation process and adjusts the distillation start time automatically in the individual measurement.
  • OnLevel sensor: The sensor stops the distillation automatically after a defined condensate volume is reached.
  • Reaction detection sensor: It can save up to 30 % of NaOH reagent solution for the alkalization process so that you can work more cost-efficiently and environmentally friendly.
  • MaxAccuracy mode: In order to avoid supply voltage deviations, a voltage stabilizer is integrated to maintain the required supply voltage. This enhances measurement accuracy and ensures highest reproducibility for every result.
  • Steam ramps: The steam power is adjustable and steam ramps are programmable to handle foaming samples.
  • Intuitive touch display: The intuitive touch screen provides fast feedback and enables easy process handling.

BÜCHI have relied on more than 50 years of experience in steam distillation to develop these two new product lines that are designed to meet multiple customer needs, such as modular flexibility, accurate and reliable results with ecofriendly and safe procedures for both operator and the environment.