NanoSight Pro Launch 15th of June - new device to visualize and measure nanoparticles

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Be part of the introduction of the next generation Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis (NTA): The NanoSight Pro. 

During this event you will see that characterizing Bionanomaterials has never been so quick, easy and accurate. In a live session from a studio in Worcester, the new NanoSight Pro will be revealed by a special host who has a long history in NTA. After the reveal, we will share the first experiences from our customers to give you insight into the possibilities and benefits of this new instrument. You will learn how the combination of new software and its unique optical heart brings new dimensions to repeatable detection and superior data quality. Our customers will also give insight into how the blend of smart features and machine learning removes subjectivity and human error, making particle tracking even quicker and more accurate. We end the session with a demonstration of the instrument and give you the opportunity to ask questions.

Who should attend? 

  • For early-stage R&D scientists and technicians working in Pharma and interested in characterizing bionanomaterials and nanoparticles
  • Industrial: Head of Department (TBI and EBI)
  • Academic: Professor (UBI and EBI)
  • Academic or Industrial: Researcher (UBI and TBI)

For early-stage R&D scientists and technicians who need easy access to high resolution size and concentration data for the characterization of bionanomaterials, the Malvern Panalytical NanoSight Pro is a self-installed, (automated) platform which is accessible to all levels of user, removes subjectivity, and provides more intelligent size and concentration data, more quickly when operating in both Standard (scatter) mode and in Fluorescent mode.

What will you learn? 

Learn how the NanoSight Pro: 

  • Provides a platform that is accessible to all levels of users
  • Removes subjectivity,
  • Enables automated measurements and provides the best and most detailed size and concentration data in the quickest possible way.
  • Get you the most accurate identification and tracking of nanoparticles providing high resolution size and concentration data
  • Provide you automated processing and quicker analysis
  • Improved sensitivity to confidently measure low scattering and biological particles
  • Greater insides into sample subpopulation with the improved fluorescence detection
  • Will get you up and running quickly with smart install

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Short overview about previous generation Nanosight. In 90 seconds: