This pump won't quit - PC 3001 VARIO select

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PC 3001 VARIO select is easy, efficient and extremely durable.

The combination of speed controlled VARIO chemistry diaphragm pumps and the new VACUU·SELECT vacuum controller makes the VARIO select chemistry pumps the ideal solution for chemical processes that require precise vacuum, such as rotary evaporation, vacuum drying or vacuum concentration.

Many benefits:

  • Unsurpassed long-term performance.
  • Uncompromising chemical resistance.
  • Intuitive, touch-screen control.
  • Fully automatic evaporations.
  • Minimal operating costs.
  • Whisper quiet operation.
  • Environmentally friendly, without oil and water consumption.

Many applications:

  • 2.0 mbar ultimate vacuum, suited for high boiling solvents.
  • 2.0 m3/h max. flow rate, good performance even at low pressure.
  • Rotary evaporators.
  • Vacuum drying chambers.
  • Vacuum concentrators.
  • Variable use thanks to compact design.

Uncompromising chemical resistance

The unique stability core design of high-stress components - such as the head cover and diaphragm clamping disc - ensure reliable performance over the long term. The stability core is created through a multi-step manufacturing process which creates a thick layer of fluoropolymer wetted material. Together with the perfluoroelastomer valves and seals, these materials provide outstanding chemical resistance and minimal surface adherence. This prevents the degradation of the pump from chemical corrosion.

Unsurpassed long-term performance

The already long diaphragm life time of approximately 15.000 working hours is increased considerably by the intelligent VARIO control. VARIO pumps deliver precise vacuum by adjusting the motor speed. This technology minimizes wear on the pump, extending typical maintenance intervals to 5 years or more for many customers.

Intuitive, touch-screen control

VACUU·SELECT® vacuum controller makes your tasks simple, easy, and efficient. Choose your application from a set of predefined applications or create your own routine in next to no time. Everything is right at your fingertips with the intuitive VACUU·SELECT user interface.

Precisely optimized vacuum

VARIO-pumps provide pinpoint vacuum control by adjusting the motor speed. This guarantees optimal process times and reproducible results. VARIO-pumps run on demand for maximum energy efficiency, increased service intervals, and whisper quiet operation.

With automatic evaporation, boiling points are detected at the touch of a button and the pressure is continuously adapted throughout the evaporation. Even critical solvent mixtures are quickly and safely evaporated without bumping or foaming.

Minimal operating costs

The intelligent VARIO motor speed control minimizes power consumption and wear on the pump.

In comparison to vacuum pumps with constant motor speed, power consumption is reduced by up to 90 % during laboratory operation.

Whisper quiet operation

The patented new drive system of our chemistry diaphragm pumps guarantees extra quiet, ultra-low-vibration operation. Due to the VARIO control, the pump runs at a significantly reduced speed making the pump whisper quiet.

GREEN VAC® – environmentally friendly vacuum generation

Environmentally conscious production and efficient products, careful use of precious resources and responsibility for the future. GREEN VAC stands for environmentally friendly vacuum generation without oil or water consumption, long service life and the maximum potential energy savings.