Vacuum drying at a new stage – the Memmert VO!

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Have you ever wondered what the advantages of a vacuum oven are compared to a conventional drying oven?

With a vacuum oven, you can dry even sensitive goods precisely – especially, quickly! How does it work? The direct heating in the Memmert vacuum oven VO guarantees optimal, homogeneous temperature distribution on all levels. Innovative thermoplates transfer the heat precisely and directly to the load without heat loss. This allows you to achieve optimal drying, through vacuum, faster than ever before.

In an interview with VO expert, Heinz Bayer, find out what is a vacuum oven used for, how does a vacuum oven work – either in the white paper or take a look at specific applications with the VO. Learn more about how a vacuum drying oven from Memmert supports in research and daily work.

Immerse yourself in the world of Memmert vacuum ovens VO!