Bellingham + Stanley

Refractometers and polarimetrs

Bellingham + Stanley Ltd.

Longfield Road, Tunbridge Wells
Kent TN2 3EY, United Kingdom
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Over ninety years ago, Leonard Bellingham and Frank Stanley were pioneers in the development of high quality optical instruments. The company they founded is today one of the world’s leading manufacturers of refractometers and polarimeters.

Their factory facilities in Tunbridge Wells are equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and highly skilled professionals are working in production and development. Instruments are individually inspected and a temperature-controlled test facility is dedicated to instrument calibration to ensure the highest possible accuracy. 

Instruments are designed from the outset to meet the latest international regulations. Also R&D staff are actively working on the next generation and keeping abreast of developments in the science and technologies that underpin the instruments business. 

Expert technical assistance is constantly available to ensure that customers achieve the highest possible performance from Bellingham + Stanley instruments.

The drive to make manufacturing processes more efficient has created the demand for in-line instrumentation. This new division of Bellingham + Stanley was established in the late nineties to focus on the particular needs of in-line monitoring and process control.

In-line applications extend from simple interface detection and final concentration recording at the filler of a juice packaging line to the monitoring of sugar blend ratios in confectionery plants. 

Nowadays Bellingham + Stanley is part of Xylem – leading global water technology company.