HydrolEx H-506

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Didzis Ošis

The HydrolEx H-506 performs acid hydrolysis as a sample preparation step prior to fat extraction for total fat determination. The HydrolEx H-506 offers a smooth and safe process with convenient system handling.

Compliant acid hydrolysis for total fat determination

  • Acid hydrolysis prior to extraction is an essential work step of the total fat determination where matrix structures enclosing the fat fraction of food and feed samples are broken up.
  • Assures conformity with official regulations for the declaration of total fat content.
  • The standardized and exhaustive procedure guarantees reproducible results.
  • Supports large sample volumes of up to 10 gram samples for accurate results, independent of fat content or homogeneity.

Safe handling

  • Effective and long-lasting FKM sealings avoid exposure to harmful fumes.
  • Convenient transfer of the hydrolysate without getting in contact with the sample.


  • The lift device supports smooth movement of the sample rack.
  • Efficient rinsing with dedicated rinsing funnels.
  • Fast and convenient filtration for complete sample transfer and high recoveries.
  • Convenient transfer of the hydrolysed sample into the Soxhlet extraction chamber with reusable glass sample tubes.

Integrated workflow: Perfect match between hydrolysis and fat extraction. The specialized glass samples tube fits perfectly into the FatExtractor E-500.

Specialized hydrolysis vessels: Unique hydrolysis vessels reduce foaming of even large sample volumes.

Smooth filtration: Smooth filtration and rinsing of six samples in parallel is made possible thanks to a powerful vacuum source, optimized glass parts, as well as individual stop cocks that can interrupt the vacuum at each single position.

Rinsing funnels: The innovative rinsing funnels facilitate rinsing of sample vessels and guarantee the quantitative transfer from the vessels into the glass sample tube for easy handling and reproducible results.

Made for large sample volumes: The hydrolysis vessels can take up large sample volumes, both liquids and solids, of up to 10 g. Large sample amounts ensure reproducible result for low-fat or very inhomogeneous samples.