NIR-Online multipoint system

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Didzis Ošis

Control your entire process most economically.

BUCHI NIR-Online® solutions enable continuous monitoring of key parameters such as moisture, protein, fat, ash, starch, fiber or residual oil at every process step. Innovative Multipoint heads provide the most cost-effective way to monitor relevant check points in e.g., the oil seed or grain milling industry as well as food and feed production.


  • Budget-friendly control of entire processes with up to nine Multipoint heads sharing one Multipoint sensor.
  • Reduction of costly optical fibers thanks to daisy chain connection (patent pending) of Multipoint heads.
  • Time-saving automated report generation and auditing function for instant documentation.
  • AutoCalibration Function® eliminates the need to develop extensive in-house calibrations or purchase calibration data bases.

Fast payback

  • Average return of investment less than one year.
  • Immediate process corrections minimize waste and re-work.
  • Optimization of key parameters for maximum profit margins.

Proven process expertise

  • Robust design copes with harsh conditions such as vibrations, extreme temperatures, wind or humidity.
  • Easy operation with intuitive user interface and integration to process control systems.
  • Ingress protected (IP65, IP66k) and ATEX certified (gas and dust).
  • Turn-key solutions for demanding measuring points such as discontinuous product flows in bucket elevators.