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85055 Ingolstadt, Germany
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ebro® is part of Xylem Analytics and a leading provider of professional measurement devices for the areas of food, medical, pharmaceutical and industrial applications.

Founded in 1968, in its more than 50-year history, ebro® has specialized in high-quality measurement technology such as handheld instruments, thermometers and data loggers. Are you looking for devices and software to measure temperatures, humidity, pH, oil qualities, pressure and Brix? Then you have found your partner with ebro®. From measurement to recording to evaluation, ebro® offer you quality products and solutions tailored to your requirements.

Industries that produce and process food, medical or pharmaceutical equipment are subject to the strictest regulatory and regulatory documentation requirements. Specifically for your business, ebro offers you thermometers, gauges, handheld gauges and data loggers that make it easy for you to measure, record results reliably, and provide you with optimal analysis and documentation. ebro® product portfolio impresses with its cross-industry quality assortment ranging from simple, reliable temperature measuring devices to sensitive sensors.

ebro® not only find the optimal measuring and recording device for your requirements and needs, but also offer you the following services: calibration service, loan, repair and maintenance.