Equipment for technical education

G.U.N.T. Gerätebau GmbH

Hanskampring 15-17
22885 Barsbüttel, Germany
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Didzis Ošis
Dr. Vytautas Aninkevičius for requests in Lithuania

GUNT Hamburg – the Brand for Professional Training!

Since 1979, G.U.N.T. Gerätebau GmbH has been developing, producing and selling equipment that is used in technical education at vocational schools, technical colleges and universities. Thanks to outstanding product quality, high productivity and broad know-how the company has developed into one of the leading suppliers in the technical training systems sector.

The Perfect Foundation for Forward-Looking Training:

  • Didactic and methodological approaches as a basis for product development.
  • For every product: Clearly defined range of experiments and carefully thought-out learning objectives.
  • Extensive use of real industrial components and parts to give our training systems a high degree of practical relevance.
  • With many GUNT products: PC data acquisition and process visualisation, modern linking of hardware and software.
  • Clear and comprehensive experimental and operating manual for every product.
  • In many cases: Modular product design for varied experimental possibilities.
  • Systems ready to use with little work.
  • Robust design for reliable long-term use, primarily by pupils and students.

The equipment range has now grown to more than 1000 units and systems split between over 50 different areas. It is constantly being updated and expanded with new equipment. This allows GUNT to cover all the important aspects of training in engineering and related areas.