Material testing machines

Instron – Division of ITW Ltd.

Coronation Road
High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, HP12 3SY, UK
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Lauri Kann for requests for Estonia
Mārtiņš Priedītis for requests in Latvia and Lithuania

Founded in 1946, Instron® is a recognized worldwide market leader in the materials testing industry. Their goal is to provide customers the best ownership experience by delivering the highest quality products, expert support and world-class service.

Instron offers one of the largest product ranges in the industry, supplying systems and accessories from screw-driven electromechanical machines to servohydraulic fatigue, impact, rheology, through to structural testing rigs and crash simulation sleds

Our customers are in involved in nearly every market and industry around the world, as diverse as regenerative medicine, to aerospace, energy and power generation, heavy industries, electronics, through to automotive