Dispersing and homogenizing

Kinematica AG

Luzernerstrasse 147a
CH-6014 Luzern, Switzerland
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Kinematica AG was founded in 1962 in cooperation with the research institute in Luzezu, to provide the best possible service to customers worldwide. Today, Kinematica is one of the leading suppliers of instruments and machines in the field of dispersing technology for laboratory, pilot plant and production applications throughout the world.

Kinematica products include laboratory dispersing units with operating volumes less than 0.1 ml up to production machines with throughputs of about 300,000 l/h. All of this is done with rotor/stator systems with diameters from 3 mm up to 450 mm. These units can achieve tip speeds of up to 50 m/s which is the highest found in the current market place. 


Kinematica AG offers customers a one-stop shopping for particle size reduction solutions. In addition to rotor/stator homogenizers, company also offers cutting and hammer mills, overhead stirrers, viscometers, temperature and pressure monitoring devices, as well as the accessories necessary to perform the requested application.

In the pilot and production area, Kinematica AG can offer complete solutions for dispersing and mixing process steps, including vessels with different stirrer systems, pumps, piping and control technology. 

All of Kinematica’s AG products are developed and built according to international guidelines and standards and comply with highest safety standards. In the food sector, Company has "3A" certification and can also manufacture according to the general GMP guidelines. 

In close collaboration with customers, their application specifications as well as product requirements, Kinematica AG product specialists and process and design engineers develop a suitable Kinematica solution, with brand names POLYTRON®, BIOTRONA®, POLYMIX®, MEGATRON®, REACTRON® or ATOMIX®. Based on expertise and engineering capacities, Kinematica AG can also support with additional engineering and support services.