Food and feed analysis

Perten, a PerkinElmer Company

Instrumentvägen 31
SE-126 53 Hägersten, Sweden
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Contact person
Kārlis Stūriška for requests in Latvia
Rainer Sults for requests in Estonia
Žymantas Venckus for requests in Lithuania

For over 60 years Perten has been a leading supplier of advanced analytical instruments to the food and agricultural industries. They serve some of the largest companies as well as smaller specialized operations and the research institutes which support the industries. Today Perten is a part of PerkinElmer.

Perten solutions measure composition, test functionality, and monitor safety. They are used for ingredient screening, formulation, process monitoring, and final product quality control. They are placed in the field, at R&D facilities, in labs, at-line, and integrated into process systems.