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Physical principles

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Properties of fluids

WL 102 Change of state of gases

WL 103 Expansion of ideal gases

WL 204 Vapour pressure of water

HM 135 Determination of the settling velocity

Measuring methods

WL 202 Fundamentals of temperature measurement

WL 203 Fundamentals of pressure measurement

HM 150.02 Calibration of pressure gauges

HM 150.13 Methods of flow measurement

HM 500 Flow meter trainer

Principles of hydrostatics

HM 115 Hydrostatics trainer

HM 150.05 Hydrostatic pressure in liquids

HM 150.06 Stability of floating bodies

HM 150 Base module for experiments in fluid mechanics

Principles of hydrodynamics

HM 150.07 Bernoulli's principle

HM 150.08 Measurement of jet forces

HM 150.18 Osborne Reynolds experiment