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Reomeetrid Kinexus

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Rainer Sults

Rheological characterization by Dynamic Shear Rheometers (DSR) is the standard method of classifying asphalt binders for behavior over time and loading conditions, and in different climates.

Rheological Testing with the Kinexus DSR Series

  • Grade testing to industry standards such as AASHTO, ASTM and EN specifications
  • Full characterization of rheological behavior with Master Curves
  • Formulation development and quality control metrics
  • Determination of mixing and compaction temperatures
  • Blend testing of warm mix, crumb rubber and Recycled Asphalt Paving (RAP)
  • Solids testing for fatigue or accumulated strain
  • Emulsion stability and viscosity profiling
  • Benchmarking and comparison of competitive products
  • Penetration, pull off and tack testing
  • Tribology-friction testing
  • Additive optimization and product interactions

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