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Kaaluindikaator CSD-903

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Rainer Sults

The weight indicator CSD-903 processes weight values from silo and vessel scales quickly and reliably with analogue load cells. The small dimensions of the housing simplify installation.

  • 7-digit display for good legibility.
  • Time-saving configuration.
  • Connectivity for an easy data transfer.
  • Basic dosing possible without additional programming effort.

Seven-digit display

  • The easy-to-read 12 mm high display shows the weight value, unit and status. The eight keys enable front operation.

Simple configuration via USB/display

  • The EzCTS software allows an easy configuration with the possibility to save and to print the parameter set.

Including integrated RS-422/485 interface & 4…20 mA analogue output

  • An ASCII character based protocol transmits the data on request or via data stream. With the analog output, the indicator provides the weight value in a standard format.

Simple one-component dosing

  • One-component filling with control outputs for coarse, medium and fine dosing.