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Components in piping systems and plant design

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GUNT offers a comprehensive range of educationally valuable section models, assembly and maintenance exercises from the field of pipe systems and plant construction.

Cutaway models

HM 700.01 Cutaway model: standard orifice plate

HM 700.02 Cutaway model: flow nozzle

HM 700.03 Cutaway model: standard Venturi meter

HM 700.04 Cutaway model: straight-way valve

HM 700.05 Cutaway model: corner valve

HM 700.06 Cutaway model: angle seat valve

HM 700.07 Cutaway model: non-return valve

HM 700.08 Cutaway model: pressure reducing valve

HM 700.09 Cutaway model: strainer

HM 700.10 Cutaway model: gate valve

HM 700.14 Cutaway model: safety valve

HM 700.15 Cutaway models: various screwed pipe connections

HM 700.16 Cutaway models: pressure gauges

HM 700.17 Cutaway model: centrifugal pump

HM 700.20 Cutaway model: piston pump

HM 700.22 Cutaway model: gear pump

VS 101 Cutaway model: underground hydrant

VS 102 Cutaway model: resilient seated gate valve

VS 106 Cutaway model: backflow preventer

VS 103 Cutaway model: screw down valve

VS 104 Cutaway model: changeover valve

VS 105 Cutaway model: gas meter

VS 107 Cutaway model: non-return butterfly valve

VS 108 Cutaway model: water meter

VS 109 Cutaway model: strainer

Assembly exercises: fittings

MT 101 Assembly exercise: pneumatically driven control valve

MT 102 Assembly exercise: electrically driven control valve

MT 154 Assembly exercise: shut-off valve

MT 156 Assembly exercise: wedge gate valve and angle seat valve

MT 157 Assembly exercise: butterfly valve and non-return valve

MT 158 Assembly exercise: ball valve and shut-off valve

MT 162 Hydraulic valves and fittings test stand

Design of complex piping and plant systems

HL 960 Assembly station pipes and valves and fittings

HL 960.01 Assembly and alignment of pumps and drives

HL 962 Assembly stand for pumps

HM 124 Fluid mechanics experimental plant