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Materjalide testimine. Õppeseadmed.

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Materials testing studies the behaviour of materials under different loads. In particular, the relationship between the acting forces and the resulting deformation and the limit stresses that lead to failure of components are considered. There is a range of standardised testing methods to characterise the mechanical properties of materials as precisely as possible.

Tensile, compression, bending and hardness testing

WP 300 Materials testing, 20 kN

WP 310 Materials testing, 50 kN

SE 100 Frame for load testing, 400 kN

SE 110.48 Bending test, plastic deformation

Impact bending test

WP 410 Impact test, 300 Nm

WP 400 Impact test, 25 Nm

Torsional test

WP 500 Torsion test, 30 Nm

WP 510 Torsion test 200 Nm, motor drive

Fatigue of materials

WP 140 Fatigue strength test

WP 600 Creep rupture test

Tribology and corrosion

TM 260 Tribological investigations

TM 280 Pressure distribution in journal bearings

TM 290 Journal bearing with hydrodynamic lubrication

CE 105 Corrosion of metals