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Statics is the study of the effect of forces on rigid bodies, which are in quilibrium. The main task of static analysis is to determine the equilibrium of the forces applied on a body or a mechanical system.

Forces and moments

TM 110 Fundamentals of statics

TM 110.02 Supplementary set - pulley blocks

TM 110.03 Supplementary set - gear wheels

TM 115 Forces in a crane jib

FL 111 Forces in a simple bar structure

EM 049 Equilibrium of moments on a two-arm lever

SE 110.53 Equilibrium in a single plane, statically determinate system

TM 121 Equilibrium of moments on pulleys

TM 122 Equilibrium of moments on a differential pulley block

Internal reactions and methods of section

WP 960 Beam on two supports: shear force & bending moment diagrams

WP 961 Beam on two supports: shear force diagram

WP 962 Beam on two supports: bending moment diagram

SE 110.50 Cable under dead-weight

Forces in a truss

SE 110.21 Forces in various single plane trusses

SE 110.22 Forces in an overdeterminate truss

SE 130 Forces in a Howe truss

SE 130.01 Truss beam: Warren girder

Bridges, beams, arches, cables

SE 110.18 Forces on a suspension bridge

SE 110.12 Lines of influence on the Gerber beam

SE 110.17 Three-hinged arch

SE 110.16 Parabolic arch

Static and kinetic friction

TM 210 Dry friction

TM 200 Fundamentals of mechanical friction

TM 225 Friction on the inclined plane

TM 220 Belt drive and belt friction