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Warranty terms

General conditions

1.1. Warranty within the meaning of these warranty terms is the replacement of damaged parts of the delivered measuring instruments and laboratory equipment (henceforth referred to as the Equipment) if the fault occurred during the Warranty period of the Equipment and is due to the fault of the Manufacturer of the Equipment (hidden material defects, incorrect assembly, etc.).

1.2. The Warranty certificate is the sole document proving the validity of the warranty. Warranty repair of the Equipment will be carried out only after presentation of a valid Warranty certificate and completed Maintenance-Repair application form where defect of the Equipment or its manifestations is clearly indicated. The Owner/Holder of the Equipment is obliged to familiarize himself with the warranty terms and the user’s manual of the Equipment before the operation of the Equipment.

1.3. Free repair and replacement of parts are provided at Domagroup company service facilities. If Equipment is not portable, diagnostics and repair of Equipment can be made at the location of Equipment. In this case, the Owner/Holder of Equipment must bear the visit costs of the service engineer that are subject to prior approval, if only the owner of the Equipment have not concluded Equipment Service Agreement previously. If the repair of the Equipment requires the delivery of the Equipment to the Service facilities of Domagroup company or the Service facilities of the Manufacturer of the Equipment, the Owner/Holder of the Equipment shall bear the costs of transportation of the Equipment to the place of repair.

1.4. During the warranty period, Domagroup company carries out free repairs and replacement of parts for the Equipment, which model and manufacturer’s serial No coincides with the entry in the Warranty certificate presented by the owner/holder.

1.5. Warranty obligations come into effect at the date of issue of Warranty certificate. Routine maintenance of the Equipment shall not affect warranty period. Warranty for the replaced parts shall expire simultaneously with the end of the warranty period of the Equipment.

1.6. Domagroup company ensures the arrival of a service engineer at the location of the Equipment within 3 (three) business days after receipt of completed Maintenance-Repair application, unless otherwise agreed concerning terms of service.

1.7. The defect is corrected within 10 business days. If components or parts must be delivered from the Manufacturer of the Equipment, the repair period may be extended by the time spent for the delivery of the parts or components. The warranty period for the Equipment is extended by the period during which the Equipment has been in a warranty repair. Confirmation of changes in the warranty period of the Equipment are the markings made by the Service Engineer on the Equipment Warranty certificate, endorsed by signature.

1.8. Domagroup company warranty obligations applies solely to the Equipment specified in Warranty certificate and by no means to other devices, tools or losses incurred due to operation or malfunction of the Equipment.

Warranty limitations

Warranty obligations do not apply to:

2.1. Materials and accessories subject only to sales warranty (reagents, consumables, etc.).

2.2. Software, as well as cases when malfunction of the Equipment connected to the computer is caused by computer virus or software incompatibility.

2.3. Preventive maintenance, cleaning, descaling, replacement of electrochemical cells (batteries).

2.4. Lamps, filters and other limited lifetime parts used in the Equipment and their replacement.

2.5. Parts, components, materials and products that are subject to natural wear or aging processes (e.g. toners, cartridges, CD and DVD matrices, battery packs, electrochemical probes, glass thermosets, rubber seals and membranes, teflon sealing rings and pistons, knives and blades, belt buckles, etc. ) and their replacement.

2.6. Insignificant defects not affecting functioning quality of the Equipment (for example, colour fading, wear).

2.7. Equipment calibration, change of software settings, repeated software installation, repeated Equipment installation due to change of location, Equipment operator training.

Warranty termination

Warranty of the Equipment is terminated and Warranty certificate is annulled, if:

3.1. The manufacturer or supplier’s seals on the Equipment preventing from unauthorised access to Equipment components are broken.

3.2. The equipment has been used inappropriately to its user’s manual, is operated in climatic conditions not allowed by the Technical Specification of the Equipment, exposed to high humidity, high or low temperatures or the rapid change of temperature.

3.3. The Equipment defects has been caused by electric grid instability, harmful or aggressive substances, scaling, expired or leaking batteries.

3.4. The Equipment defects has been caused by insects or rodents, including presence of insects or rodents inside the Equipment.

3.5. In operation or maintenance of the Equipment have been used chemical reagents and materials not conforming to recommendations of the Equipment Manufacturer or Domagroup company.

3.6. The Equipment or its individual parts have signs of mechanical damage.

3.7. The Equipment defects have occurred due to force majeure circumstances, such as fire, lightning, flood, earthquake, unlawful acts of third persons, etc.

3.8. The Equipment has been repaired and/or modified by the Equipment Owner/Holder or third person without prior approval by Domagroup company.

3.9. The Equipment Owner has changed. Warranty repairs of the Equipment may be provided only upon written agreement between new Owner and Domagroup company.