About us


Domagroup story started back in 1989 and its first company – SIA Doma – was officially registered in 1991. Today it unites qualified and experienced professionals from 3 companies in all Baltic States – SIA Doma in Latvia, Vildoma UAB in Lithuania and Est-Doma OÜ in Estonia. Domagroup is reliable measuring instruments, laboratory, technology, and education equipment supplier. High quality and sophisticated systems delivered by Domagroup have been enhancing the work of researchers and scientists. Domagroup partners are well-known manufacturers with solutions developed for: 

  • Science – analytical research;
  • Education – engineering and natural sciences;
  • Material testing and analysis;
  • Microbiology;
  • Chemistry and pharmacy industry;
  • Healthcare industry;
  • Quality control of grain, food and feed;
  • Environmental monitoring;
  • Road construction;
  • Veterinary.

Domagroup companies