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Didzis Ošis

Dynamics comprises kinetics and kinematics. In practice, the difference between kinematics and kinetics is the way of looking at the same machine or component. Kinematic questions only consider the geometry of the motion. Kinetics also takes into account the cause of the motion.


KI 110 Kinematic model: crank mechanism

KI 120 Kinematic model: crank slider

KI 130 Kinematic model: four-joint link

KI 140 Kinematic model: Whitworth quick return mechanism

KI 150 Kinematic model: Hooke's coupling

KI 160 Kinematic model: Ackermann steering mechanism

GL 105 Kinematic model: gear drive

Kinetics: basic experiments on dynamics and moment of inertia

TM 610 Rotational inertia

TM 611 Rolling disk on inclined plane

TM 612 Kinetic model: flywheel

GL 210 Dynamic behaviour of multistage spur gears

GL 212 Dynamic behaviour of multistage planetary gears

Kinetics: dynamics of rotation

TM 600 Centrifugal force

TM 630 Gyroscope

TM 605 Coriolis force

TM 632 Centrifugal governor


TM 161 Rod and gravity pendulum

TM 162 Bifilar/trifilar suspension of pendulums

TM 163 Torsional vibrations

TM 164 Coil spring vibrations

TM 150 Vibration trainer

TM 150.02 Free and damped torsional vibrations

SE 110.58 Free vibrations in a bending beam