Machine dynamics

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Didzis Ošis

Machine dynamics refer to the study of a system’s motion based on the forces acting on the system. Machine dynamics apply knowledge of engineering mechanics, especially dynamics, to the problems of real machines.

Vibrations in machines

TM 155 Free and forced vibrations

TM 140 Free and forced torsional vibrations

HM 159.11 Natural vibration on a ship model

Rotor dynamics

TM 620 Bending elasticity in rotors

TM 625 Elastic shafts


TM 170 Balancing apparatus

PT 502 Field balancing

Mass forces and mass balance

TM 180 Forces in reciprocating engines

GL 112 Investigation of cam mechanisms

Vibration isolation

TM 182 Vibrations on machine foundations

TM 182.01 Piston compressor for TM 182

Machinery diagnosis

PT 501 Roller bearing faults

PT 500 Machinery diagnostic system