Aquamatic 5200 Grain Moisture Meter

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Kārlis Stūriška for requests in Latvia
Rainer Sults for requests in Estonia
Žymantas Venckus for requests in Lithuania

The AM 5200-A Grain Moisture Meter uses the most up-to-date technology – 149MHz and UGMA – to provide significantly better accuracy than older radio frequency based instruments. It is approved for official trade use in many countries including the German PTB, French LNE agencies, and being certified as UGMA compatible by the USDA. It analyzes grains, oilseeds, pulses, beans, lentils, seeds and more for Moisture, Test Weight/Hectoliter Weight, and Temperature.

Features and Benefits:

  • Accurate – Significantly more accurate than older RF meters – upgrade now!
  • Fast - 10-second analysis of Moisture, Test Weight / Hectoliter Weight, and Temperature
  • Easy-to-Use – Pour in sample and press analyze on the touch-screen

Superior by Design:

  • Solid Foundation - It's all about quality. The AM 5200-A is made of heavy metal sheeting and Delrin. The build quality extends instrument life and reduces damage potential during relocation and shipping. It weighs 45 lbs/20kg for a reason.
  • Measurement Cell & PC Board - The single piece cast cell ensures accurate measurements of volume/density through precise control of cell dimensions. The RF electronics are built directly into the cell center divide eliminating cabling and removes impedance matching issues over time due to connector degradation.
  • Superior Temperature Sensing - A continuous strip of copper (6.8in2) makes contact with hundreds of kernels for a precise sample temperature measurement over a wide temperature range. The large area/low mass means quick response times when there is a large disparity between room temperature and grain temperature, down to -40F. It means better accuracy and shorter analysis times.
  • Motor - A single, high quality motor is used in the AM 5200-A. The simplicity of design leads to a longer instrument life and less down-time.
  • Auto-Analysis Mode - Manufacturer's long experience has resulted in an optimized analysis procedure in this 2nd generation instrument. Select the product once, and the instrument automatically begins analysis each time a sample is poured into the hopper. Not only does it speed up the analysis, it saves wear on the touchscreen.
  • Lower Cell Door - The door employs a self-cleaning firm "snap action" close and is gravity driven. The "snap action" is designed to shake loose any build-up of material on the lower door. You can be confident the cell volume will not change due to dust build-up resulting in erroneous weight and volume measurements.
  • Sample Strike-off - The sample strike-off is critical to controlling flow of product through the instrument. The design minimizes debris build-up in the instrument. Grain is not sprayed throughout the interior. The AM 5200-A uses 3 brushes to direct grain to the collection drawer.
ProductsGrains, oilseeds, pulses, lentils and more
ParametersMoisture, specific weight (hectoliter weight/test weight) and temperature
Analysis Time~ 10 seconds
Display5.7” color touch screen
ConnectivityEthernet, USB
Measurement TechniqueRF dielectric constant at 150 Mhz
Sample Temperature-20 to 45° C (moisture <18%); 0 to 45° C (moisture >18%) 
Sample Size700 ml 
Power Requirement230 V, 50 Hz
Dimensions HxWxD (mm)415 x 424 x 353
Net Weight (kg)18.3/40.3