Micropipettes and tips

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At BRAND you will find microliter pipettes in sizes from 0.1 µl to 10 ml for pipetting in the laboratory. Discover the single-channel or multi-channel pipette versions of the Transferpette® S and Transferpette® electronic here.

Single-channel micropipette Transferpette® S:  

  • adjustable, CE-IVD, DE-M;
  • fixed-volume, CE-IVD, DE-M;
  • electronic, CE-IVD, DE-M.

Multi-channel micropipette Transferpette®:

  • S-8, adjustable, CE-IVD, DE-M;
  • S-12, adjustable, CE-IVD, DE-M;
  • S-8 electronic, CE-IVD, DE-M;
  • S-12 electronic, CE-IVD, DE-M.

Pipette tips and filter tips are manufactured by BRAND in a cleanroom under the most modern production conditions, and are automatically rack packed and packaged to ensure that the tips are of consistently high quality.

Save space in the laboratory and use stands and wall mounts to safely store your BRAND single or multichannel pipettes. BRAND has the right solution for every model and every need.