Transportable conveyor

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Didzis Ošis for Baltics region

Fully transportable conveyor hyperspectral imaging system with 150mm conveyor belt - ideal for unpredictable environments where fast adjustment and action is necessary.

Complete, integrated hyperspectral scanning system that can be disassembled or assembled in minutes. Fits comfortably in a ClydeHSI provided peli-style case to be take on-site wherever the application demands. Case can store the conveyor system and light-stage, two spectral cameras (VNIR & NIR) and laptop required for data acquisition and analysis.

Available with Li-ion battery pack to enable use without access to mains power supply.

Complete, fully portable hyperspectral scanning solution with unrivalled ease of setup and use, without compromising high performance - ideal for on-the-go, high precision hyperspectral imaging demands in any application.

Scanning area150 mm
Scan speed0.2 to 300 mm/s
Scanner track rangeDetermined by sample length
Feed in/outGravity roller system
SensorsSpeed adjustment for square pixels