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ADS400 series saccharimeters

The ADS400 Series Saccharimeter is a purpose built polarimeter that displays results in the ISS (°Z) scale. This series of Bellingham + Stanley instruments has been primarily designed for busy sugar laboratories, factories and tare houses. The ADS400 Series is available in 2 wavelengths: Sodium (589nm), and NIR (850nm) that facilitates “lead-free measurement”. Both models can be purchased with or without XPC Technology – Xylem’s patented on-board Peltier temperature control system for measuring optically active samples at stable temperatures.

Funnel flow tubes are easily installed thanks to the interchangeable lid of the ADS400 Series. Funnel flow tubes are ideal for areas of your business that have a rapid throughput of samples. Customers may use standard ICUMSA tubes with the ADS400 Series, so existing tubes can be used whilst replacements are easy to obtain.

The ADS400 Series Saccharimeters are designed to operate in isolation (no PC required) but work best when connected to an RFM300 or RFM700 Series Refractometer from Bellingham + Stanley. By connecting a digital refractometer to the ADS400 you can create a complete Purity system which will offer automatic, accurate purity readings directly pushed to the ADS400 Series display. Automatic Purity Systems not only speed up your process, but can save you money with accurate and consistent results.

Low power consumption and low maintenance is achieved using an LED light source which offers light for the length of the product lifetime.

ADS400 can store and display results as well as output via printer, secure USB or csv/XML data string for connecting to LIMS. The external power unit keeps internal temperatures minimal, and in combination with the sealed casing makes the ADS400 Series Saccharimeter a great choice for working in high humidity environments.

Thanks to its intelligent setup wizard, easy-to-use keypad with colourful HD display and intuitive software, operating the ADS400 Series is quick and simple. RFID login allows several levels of access, as well as offering an audit trail.

A METHODS system allows for quick configuration, with reading type (continuous or single-shot) and limit checking against pre-defined product specifications made simple. Configurable Purity equations are also accessible through the easy-to-use software using the keypad.