Automated microscopy testing tailored to your individual needs

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The brand-new HPPCeco-AMI offers you a complete solution for a continuous monitoring of samples under controlled climatic conditions. What’s more, it’s done without the need to remove specimens from the device. The combination of intelligent imaging and ambient monitoring enables a precise automated evaluation of samples whilst minimising the risk of human error and providing reproducible results. With round-the-clock automation, controlled environmental conditions and availability of digital data, the system provides an efficient solution for long-term studies and quality assurance purposes.

Automated microscopic imaging – inside the climate chamber

The solution offered by m360 is based on an intelligent imaging module from the company Opto. This imaging module is capable of capturing high-resolution microscopic images of samples from within the Memmert climate chamber – even during ongoing tests. This seamless integration of imaging and precise climate control enables a continuous and reliable monitoring of your samples.

Advanced AI-supported image analysis

The generated images are automatically transferred to an advanced software developed by the company Opto. Using artificial intelligence, the system converts the raw data into false-colour images and analyses the development of the specimen. This, for example, makes it possible to document cell confluency – the seamless coverage of the surface of a culture dish by adherent cells – over a period of time with precise percentage values. The images are saved along with timestamp, details of ambient conditions and AI-supported software evaluation.

Particularly noteworthy: The door of the device does not need to be opened for microscopic examination during the ongoing test. This eliminates the risk of sample contamination and fluctuations in temperature.

The solution is ideal for a wide variety of applications including:

The benefits of this integrated system are manifold:

  • Round-the-clock automation; no manual handling required.
  • Avoidance of ambient fluctuations during the monitoring process thereby ensuring a consistent and stable environment.
  • Minimisation of the risk of contamination by eliminating the need for sample removal.
  • Reduction in the level of human error resulting in improved quality assurance.
  • Possibility for automatic sample evaluation thus saving time and increasing efficiency.
  • Assurance of reproducible results, crucial for long-term studies and quality control processes.
  • Digital availability of all data enables easy archiving, tracking and analysis for research and quality assurance purposes.

Technical details of the climate chamber

The Memmert climate chamber HPPCeco-AMI offers temperature settings from +0 °C to +70 °C and a humidity range from 10 % rh to 90 % rh making it ideally suited for stability tests in the pharmaceutical industry, e.g. ICH guideline Q1A. Further typical areas of application include shelf-life tests in the pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic sectors and quality control testing for different kinds of components.

What’s more, the HPPCeco-AMI offers active CO2 control from 0% to 20% thus expanding the range of applications to include the cultivation of living cultures such as bacteria and fungal strains in the pharmaceutical and biochemistry sectors.

Key advantages:

  • Absolutely homogeneous distribution of temperature and humidity.
  • Reliable and fail-safe – even after years of continuous operation.
  • Always a good climate: quiet, compact, low-maintenance.

Technical details of the digital microscopes

Opto digital microscopes (imaging modules) bring an unprecedented level of user-friendly and easy-to-integrate imaging performance to any production environment – from measuring machines and inspection systems to bio-imaging instruments.

Each module comes complete with its own SDK and comprehensive free image capture software, so it can be easily integrated into any existing network or system.

  • High-resolution, perfectly matched optical designs with latest image sensors and high-performance LEDs in a compact aluminium housing.
  • USB3 or GigE interface with compatibility to most image processing libraries.
  • Ultimate image quality, easy integration, guaranteed performance in any application.
  • Powerful imaging with simple plug-and-play functionality.
  • Enhanced image quality thanks to perfectly matched component selection.
  • Robust aluminium block design with different mounting options.
  • Includes OptoViewer and various application plug-ins.
  • Software integration tools: C/C++ OptoSDK, NI LabVIEW Toolkit, NI Vision Builder Plugin.

About Opto

Opto, based in Munich/Germany, is one of the leading manufacturers of digital microscopes for both standard and customised series production. These imaging modules are specifically designed for machine integration in medical technology and industrial applications. They provide image data that can be reproduced anytime and anywhere, making them ideal for any automation task.

Imaging modules are robust vision sensors with integrated camera, optics, lighting and electronics. Over the past 40 years, Opto has succeeded in establishing itself as an international OEM supplier focusing on microscopy and industrial image processing.