Chromapedia volume 4: Method development in flash chromatography and prep HPLC

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Didzis Ošis for Latvia

Careful analysis of sample solubility and separation behavior prior to purification enables users to achieve reproducible results in an efficient way. Once the ideal conditions are found, upscaling to flash chromatography, prep HPLC or a combination of both can be easily achieved.

Use BUCHI guide to learn all steps of method development, including:

  • Definition of purification method (flash or prep HPLC).
  • Analysis of sample solubility.
  • Screening of suitable conditions for separation by selecting most appropriate mobile & stationary phase.
  • Upscaling to flash or prep HPLC.
  • Improving resolution.

Use BUCHI free guide to see how to save time and resources by establishing the optimal method for your own samples.

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