Fill it fast. Romaco's answer to COVID-19

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Didzis Ošis

High speed liquid filling line for vaccine production shipped in 8 months!

Facts that you need to know:

  • Output up to 24,000 vials per hour.
  • Shipped in 8 months.
  • oRABS included as standard, more containment solutions available.
  • Shortest time from line delivery to vaccine production thanks to Romaco Validation Package.
  • Robust turnkey solution including vial washer, depryrogenation tunnel, filler and capper for the highest OEE.
  • Several completely customizable cartoners and secondary packing solutions to choose from.

Romaco turnkey COVID-19 vaccines production solution, ready in 8 months, includes all that cusotmers need in a high speed aseptic liquid filling line:

  • In line check weighing system.
  • Batch report creation and exportation via HMI.
  • Fully GMP compliant desing and processes, including GMP management of products flow with pre-loading of rubber stoppers and alu-caps under oRABS.
  • Viable and non-viable environmental controls.
  • GMP management of sampling and rejections.
  • Balcony desing for full process visibility and high ergonomics.
  • Available for though-wall installation.
  • 100 % stoppering verification.
  • 100 % crimping force verification.

Vaccine production line includes:

  • WM 840 Washing machine.
  • T800/H2C3+ Depyrogenation tunnel.
  • VF 24 Aseptic liquid filler.
  • MAC 4 Capping machine.

Fill it fast!