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Didzis Ošis

Romaco has just opened its first virtual showroom with several new products and a spotlight on sustainability and digitalisation. Rather than at interpack 2020, the technologies are now on permanent display on the new online platform.

Romaco is now celebrating the world premiere of its newest products in digital space. Interested visitors can look forward to a fascinating tour through a spacious showroom, where the supplier of all-in-one  solutions has various technologies on display for manufacturing, tableting and packing solid pharmaceuticals.

Innovations by Innojet in the field of air flow bed technology are among the many exhibits. A newly launched double-sided rotary press expands the Kilian portfolio. The first carbon-neutral blister packaging line is at the centre of the Noack presentation. And a robotic microdosing machine from Macofar for filling potent pharmaceutical powders is another showroom highlight.

Next to each machine are various buttons which can be clicked to display more information. Videos, audio messages and datasheets, for example, are only a click away. Details about Romaco’s two special competencies – sustainability and digitalisation – are likewise provided in a number of places.

Visitors can use the online chat feature to ask any questions that arise about individual machines or arrange a virtual appointment with their personal contacts.

The following innovations are on display in Romaco’s virtual showroom:

  • Romaco Noack Unity 600 blister packaging line
  • Romaco Innojet IGL 100 granulation line
  • Romaco Innojet VENTILUS® V 25 pilot scale processing machine
  • Romaco Kilian S 710 Prime double-sided rotary press
  • Romaco Kilian KTP 590X single-sided rotary press
  • Romaco Macofar MicroRobot MR 50 powder filling machine
  • Technologies for sustainable production and packing of solid pharmaceuticals

…as well as numerous other established Romaco products.

Experience Romaco from an entirely different angle on a tour of digital showroom.