Bentley Instruments

Analytical instruments for milk and dairy products

Bentley Instruments, Inc.

4004 Peavey Rd, Chaska
Minnesota 55318, USA
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Jaanus Vahtra for enquiries in Estonia
Kārlis Stūriška for enquiries in Latvia

Bentley Instruments manufactures advanced tools to analyze milk and other dairy products.

These innovative instruments are designed to be easy to use, reliable and accurate, making them the #1 choice of dairy professionals worldwide. Analyze raw milk, processed milk, cream, yogurt, sour cream, ice cream and frozen yogurt with more precision and ease.

Bentley Instruments tools are well recognized for: 

  • Component analysis - measurement of fat, protein, lactose and solids;
  • Somatic cell counting - early mastitis detection;
  • Bacteria counting - rapid enumeration of individual bacteria in milk;
  • Urea determination - measurement of milk urea or MUN;
  • Combination systems - simultaneous measurement of somatic cells, fat, protein, lactose and solids.