Digital ductilometers

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Standards: EN 13398; EN 13589; EN 13703; AASHTO T 51; ASTM D 113; GOST 11505-75

Ductilometer digital for the determination of load ductility and elastic reset of bitumen.

Stainless steel casing with isolated water bath with cover and glass window as well as a stepper motor providing a variable speed range 1 to 50 mm/min. with digital displacement measuring system.

Up to 4 samples can be tested simultaneously.

One measuring place is equipped with an electronic load transducer 500 N, resolution 0,1 N (100 N, resolution 0,01 N as an option). Three more load transducers can be connected.

The complete test is controlled by the software.

Special test sequences can be programmed by the user himself.

The water bath temperature can be recorded continously by use of temperature sensors.

20-2336 Digital ductilometer, 400 mm

20-2346 Digital ductilometer, 1000 mm

20-2356 Digital ductilometer, 1500 mm