Training solutions for engineering

Lucas-Nülle GmbH

Siemensstraße 2
50170 Kerpen, Germany
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The Lucas-Nülle company was founded in 1979 in Kerpen-Sindorf, near Cologne. This is where development, production, storage and worldwide sales are located.

Thanks to global strategy and well-regarded, high-quality products "Made in Germany", Lucas-Nülle has become a leading player on the world market. 

Lucas-Nülle expertise lies in the field of vocational training and educational equipment for such areas as electrical engineering, electronics, automation technology, communications engineering, mechatronics, drive and automotive technology, process technology.

Lucas-Nülle have broad portfolio from classical training systems to eLearning in the cloud.  To be one step ahead Lucas-Nülle reinvest more than 12 % of sales in development.