Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)

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Nowadays traffic density is ever on the increase, especially in urban areas. At the same time, vehicles are becoming more and more dynamic, with large SUVs, saloons (sedans) also enjoying great popularity. All these developments, though, put ever greater demands on drivers themselves.

In order to relieve drivers of some of this stress and also to bring self-driving vehicles closer to perfection, vehicle manufacturers have been increasing their own focus on development and advancement of driver assistance technologies. Particular efforts are going into active synergy between the various systems.

The training systems from Lucas-Nülle take up these ideas and develop this complex subject for its target audience with the help of carefully selected theory and practical exercises. 


CO4205-1E UniTrain course: LIDAR system in motor vehicles

CO4205-1U UniTrain course: Gesture control and capacitive touchscreen in the motor vehicle

CO4205-1C UniTrain course: Rear view camera with park assist

CO4205-1B UniTrain course: Traffic sign recognition with speed control

CO4205-1V UniTrain course: RADAR - Adaptive cruise control (ACC) with emergency braking

CO4205-1W UniTrain course: Front facing camera - lane keeping assistant / lane centering assistant / lane departure warning

LM8328 Calibration of driver assistance systems in the workshop (front camera/radar)