Driven machines

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Whenever a machine adds energy to a fluid, it is called a driven machine. In order to operate, driven machines require mechanical energy or work (W).

Centrifugal pumps

HM 150.04 Centrifugal pump

HM 150.16 Series and parallel configuration of pumps

HM 450C Characteristic variables of hydraulic turbomachines

HM 283 Experiments with a centrifugal pump

HM 284 Series and parallel configuration of pumps

HM 300 Hydraulic circuit with centrifugal pump

HM 305 Centrifugal pump trainer

HM 332 Pump characteristics for parallel and series configuration

HM 362 Comparison of pumps

HL 960.01 Assembly and alignment of pumps and drives

HL 962 Assembly stand for pumps

HL 962.01 Standard chemicals pump

HL 962.02 Canned motor pump

HL 962.04 Standard chemicals pump with magnetic clutch

HM 299 Comparison of positive displacement machines and turbomachines

HM 365.11 Centrifugal pump, standard design

HM 365.12 Centrifugal pump, self-priming

HM 365.13 Centrifugal pump, multistage

HM 365.14 Centrifugal pumps, series and parallel connected

HM 405 Axial-flow turbomachines

MT 180 Assembly & maintenance exercise: centrifugal pump

MT 181 Assembly & maintenance exercise: multistage centrifugal pump

MT 185 Assembly & maintenance exercise: in-line centrifugal pump

Side channel pumps

HL 962.03 Side channel pump

HM 362 Comparison of pumps

HM 365.15 Side channel pump

Axial-flow pumps

HM 365.45 Axial-flow pump

HM 405 Axial-flow turbomachines

Positive displacement pumps

HM 285 Experiments with a piston pump

HM 286 Experiments with a gear pump

HM 365.16 Lobe pump

HM 365.17 Reciprocating piston pump

HM 365.18 Gear pump

HM 365.19 Vane pump

HM 365.21 Screw pump

HM 362 Comparison of pumps

HM 299 Comparison of positive displacement machines and turbomachines

CE 271 Multi-head diaphragm pump

CE 272 Rotary vane vacuum pump

MT 182 Assembly & maintenance exercise: screw pump

MT 183 Assembly & maintenance exercise: diaphragm pump

MT 184 Assembly & maintenance exercise: piston pump

MT 186 Assembly & maintenance exercise: gear pump

MT 136 Assembly exercise: gear pump

Fans and compressors

HM 280 Experiments with a radial fan

HM 282 Experiments with an axial fan

HM 292 Experiments with a radial compressor

HM 210 Characteristic variables of a radial fan

HM 215 Two-stage axial fan

HL 710 Air duct systems

ET 165 Refrigeration system with open compressor

ET 432 Behaviour of a piston compressor

ET 500 Two-stage piston compressor

ET 508 Simulation of a two-stage air compressor

ET 512 Compressed air generation plant with piston compressor

ET 513 Single-stage piston compressor

MT 140 Assembly station: piston compressor

MT 140.02 Assembly exercise: piston compressor

Cutaway models of driven machines

ET 499.01 Cutaway model: hermetic refrigerant compressor

ET 499.02 Cutaway model: semi-hermetic refrigerant compressor

ET 499.03 Cutaway model: open refrigerant compressor, 2-cylinder

HM 700.17 Cutaway model: centrifugal pump

HM 700.20 Cutaway model: piston pump

HM 700.22 Cutaway model: gear pump

MT 140.10 Cutaway model piston compressor