Steady flow

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Steady flow: the velocity of a fluid particle changes with the position.

Fundamentals of steady flow

HM 240 Principles of air flow

HM 240.04 Pressure distribution on a cylinder

HM 240.05 Pressure losses in pipe elements

HM 220 Air flow experimental plant

HM 225 Aerodynamics trainer

HM 150.01 Pipe friction for laminar / turbulent flow

HM 241 Fundamentals of water flow

Steady flow of compressible fluids

HM 230 Flow of compressible fluids

HM 172 Supersonic wind tunnel with Schlieren optics

HM 260 Characteristics of nozzles

HM 261 Nozzle pressure distribution

Flow in pipe systems

HM 222 Air flow in pipes and pipe elements

HM 150.11 Losses in a pipe system

HM 150.29 Energy losses in piping elements

HM 111 Pipe networks

HM 112 Fluid mechanics trainer

HM 120 Losses in pipe elements

HM 122 Pressure losses in pipes

HM 124 Fluid mechanics experimental plant

HL 102 Installation technology: losses in different pipes

HL 103 Installation technology: losses in pipe bends

HL 111 Installation technology: losses in straight pipes

HL 113 Installation technology: losses in valves and fittings

HL 210 Installation technology: losses in a pipe system

Flow in valves

RT 390 Test stand for control valves

RT 396 Pump and valves and fittings test stand


HM 380 Cavitation in pumps

ST 250 Cavitation

Open-channel flow

HM 150.21 Visualisation of streamlines in an open channel

HM 164 Open channel and closed channel flow

HM 160 Experimental flume 86 x 300 mm